Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Time Out

I had a day off today. It was lovely. I actually left the estate and everything.

Before I went out I decided to take the dog for a circuit of the moat, so he would be happier for the rest of the day. I spotted the Learning Officer and her volunteer in the distance and waved, cheerily, but kept moving so I wouldn't get sucked into worky stuff on this, my glorious day off. Cars began to arrive on site and I began to walk a little faster. Inevitably one drew up alongside me, the window rolled down, and a voice emerged.

"Hello! I've got all the lunch boxes for the school visit today. Where can I leave them?"

I indicated where she should go and raced the dog back to the house. It was now or never. If I didn't leave immediately I was sure to be involved somehow. I could sense my presence had been detected and I could almost hear the first cries of "Dor-is! I know it's your day off, but..."

I locked the dog in the house, leapt into the car and accelerated away, The Professionals-stylie.

Blessed freedom. Sweet liberty. I must do more of this "day off" stuff.


Anonymous said...

So which one do you drive like? Bodie, or Doyle?

Me, I'm more a Starsky type of driver. Show me an alleyway full of empty cardboard boxes, and off I zoom ...

Doris said...


Though all this Professionals talk has brought The Comic Strip's "The Bullshitters" to mind, with Bonehead and Foyle.....