Saturday, March 24, 2007

A Conversation at Closing Time

"It never gets any better does it?"

"Doesn't it?"



"Bea was just cashing up in the tea room when in comes Bertha with a huge box of eggs. Well, we don't have any room for them. You know how we're fixed."

"I do, yes."

"So, Bertha, she says 'Where d'you want these eggs?' and Bea, she says 'What?' and Bertha, she says 'Where can I leave these eggs?'

Well, Bea's trying to do the till, and you know how she gets when she's doing the till, so she says 'We can't take them here, I haven't room for them here, you'll have to take them down to the shop.'"

"Ok, fair enough."

"Yeah, but that Bertha, she goes 'Stick 'em up your arse!' in front of everyone, in front of the tea room girls and the customers, and walks out!"

"Oh dear!"

"Well, Bea's not happy."

"No, she wouldn't be."

"'Stick 'em up your arse' she said! In front of everyone!"

"Yes...yes, that's terrible. Awful. Sorry, I shouldn't laugh. It's very serious. I'll have a word."


tea and cake said...

Hurrah! Sense prevails.
Hope the time off was good. kaz xx

cogidubnus said...

Er...what kind of eggs?...

Alternatively Bea could just do as she's told ... imagine the entertainment value...

Quails eggs?


Chickens Eggs?


Duck Eggs?


Easter eggs?

(messy but still cringes)

"Birdworld" may now bring on the ostrich - Hard-boiled you said?)

Total surrender

Doris said...

Tea and Cake - yes, the time off was very good. It just seems that, in the couple of days I was away, all sorts of squabbles have broken out, and since my return I have done nothing but make soothing noises.

Cogidubnus - yes, though the time constraints would be considerable. It was a BIG box of eggs, apparently.

Garry said...

You could make a party game of it.

Doris said...

Garry - what kind of parties do you go to?

Anyway, I have to hand it to Bea, she's taken it all in good stead. I had a note from her this morning, in response to me asking how she was, saying:"Myself, the girls and a few customers, are just trying to remove the last of the eggs. Isn't it a bit early for an Easter egg hunt?!"

Will said...

The only possible response to the 'stick em up your arse' jibe: "But we needed the eggs."

Good labelling by the way.

Boz said...

The expression 'go to work on an egg' has never been more apt...

Robert Swipe said...

These eggs Doris - are they lion-stamped?

I don't think you ought to be thinking of sticking them anywhere if they're not - especially not up anybody's arse....

L.U.V. on ya,