Monday, March 05, 2007

The Season Starts Here

On Friday I discovered a hole in the footpath, near the side of the moat. A hole with water in it. A hole with crumbling edges, of ankle-snapping dimensions. An aptly exciting way to end the week, really. When re-opening for the season, a few health and safety hazards in the preceding days help to keep things lively.

Much frenzied activity later and the hole was filled in and roped off with some stylish red and white hazard tape. Picture postcard perfect.

The weekend itself went surprisingly well. Only one of my volunteers forgot they'd put their name down for duty and failed to turn up. And there was only incessant rain resulting in flooding of the courtyard on Sunday. I reckon I can consider that a result.

1 comment:

stitchwort said...

As long as your visitors didn't forget to turn up, after all that rushing about to get ready..