Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Time Off

I am taking a couple of days in lieu this week, seeing as though I worked a six day week, including two bank holidays, over Easter.

So far on my day off I have:

  • Organised volunteer cover for tomorrow.
  • Bought cake and biscuits for the volunteers.
  • Brought through their cups, milk, kettle etc.
  • Completed the end of week returns and faxed them to regional office.
  • Banked the takings.
  • Bought a new ink cartridge for the printer.
  • Got change for the tea room.
  • Sorted out the floats for tomorrow.
  • Washed up all the volunteers cups and plates.
But by far the most bizarre interruption of my day off was from McColleague. I was sat in my living room, sketching, when I heard her call from outside the door.

"Doris! Do you know where (something something) is?"

"What?" I put down my sketch book and pencil and opened the door. "Do I know where the what is?"

I stopped short. McColleague was stood there with our young volunteer. Both had tiny ducklings clutched in each hand. "Peep!" said the ducklings.

"Do you know where the mother duck is?" repeated McColleague.

"'s not in here with me, anyway." I was confused. Why were my colleagues outside my living room, holding tiny fuzzy ducklings at me?

"We found these all by themselves near the chapel, and there was no mother duck anywhere near. I was afraid they were going to get run over by the builder's van. We've walked right round the moat but not found the mother duck."

"Could be on mini-moat," I ventured, "or the slurry pit."

Eventually we did track down mother duck, with the rest of her brood, on mini-moat. The tiny, peeping ducklings were set down carefully by the water's edge, and mother duck immediately took off to the other side of the moat. She is a bad mother duck. Shirking her responsibilities like that. After we backed off and some time had passed she finally accepted them back into her brood. A happy ending! I returned to the house and attempted to resume my sketching.

Tomorrow I am going to go out.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your day out. Sounds like you've deserved it, whatever you end up doing.

Geoff said...

"Bad mother duck", I like.

KAZ said...

May I say a big 'Thankyou' on behalf of those ducklings.

Don't blame the duck - it would be some randy drake who forced her away to have rampant sex.

Will said...

These ducklings - ugly, were they?

stitchwort said...

Can't you put up a big sign that says "Doris Has Left the Building" when you are Not at Work?

Or perhaps try ear-plugs in the attic?

Doris said...

Thank you, Anonymous, I did indeed have a wonderful day out.

Geoff - she a bad modo.

Kaz - no worries, we could never leave ducklings in distress. And yes, those drakes have no finesse. Or sense of responsibility.

Will - with feathers all stubby and brown....

Stitchwort - signs don't work. I have a Do Not Disturb sign on my door, which they blithely ignore on their quest to find where I've gone. The only solution is to actually leave the building. Which I did. It was great!