Friday, April 27, 2007

Careful Now!

"We'll need an extension lead," mused my Boss, thoughtfully. We were stood around an unplugged freezer in one of the outbuildings we use for storage up at the Estate Office.

"Is there a socket anywhere?" asked McColleague.

"Yes, at the other end of the building. We could make a hole in the ceiling in the tea room stores, and thread a lead through the roof space."

Lovely Warden arrived with an extension lead.

"Up you go, Sam," said my Boss.

("Sam" is not Lovely Warden's name. My Boss calls all men "Sam" and all women "Gert". It saves him from having to remember too many names.)

I watched in trepidation as Lovely Warden stepped up onto a swivel chair, wedged in amongst the junk, balanced on a plank of wood on top of a step, and then progressed up a pile of rather flimsy-looking boxes, before wriggling through the small gap into the roof space.

Much tapping, and knocking ensued, as Lovely Warden and the Boss married up the end of the lead with a hole in the ceiling.

He emerged, backwards, some time later, lead in hand, covered in cobwebs and grime.

"Coming back out was the hardest part," he said. "I couldn't see my feet. It's hard enough when there's a ladder, but with just boxes and a swivel chair..."

McColleague and I nodded. We had seen just how tricky it was. I had only managed to capture one image without camera shake, due to laughing so much.

"Well, at least you're down safely! No more health and safety concerns for us."

"Here, Sam," said the Boss, fiddling with the plug he was attempting to reconnect to the lead hanging from the hole in the ceiling, "you'd better check this. I can't see a bloody thing."

I gave McColleague the look that means "get ready to dislodge him with a broom handle, should this go horribly wrong".

There was no big shock, no sparks, however, just a satisfying thrum of a functioning chest freezer. Hurrah. Now we can store more bread rolls than ever before! Worth every exciting moment, I'm sure you'll agree.


cogidubnus said...

A functioning chest freezer? Enough of these electrical gimmicks - you could achieve the same with an ice cube in each bra cup (though whether or not you'd get a satisfying thrum only you can say)...

Seriously though, based on your past record, I predict that what you'll mostly be freezing is surplus mince pies and road-kill awaiting post-mortem...

By the by, if "Sam" went up in the roof space, how come he didn't disturb any bats? Is there really a bit of roofspace they haven't colonised? Or did he quietly wipe them out... should we now refer to him as "Son of Sam?"

Doris said...

Cogidubnus - but I can't fit that many bread rolls into my bra. Certainly not while I'm wearing it. I don't know if there are any bats in the roof space over the stores. I suspect not, as the contents of the stores are free of bat poop.

tea and cake said...

cor! what lovely legs the lovely warden has!

Doris said...

Tea and Cake - indeed yes - he is not known as Lovely for nothing!