Thursday, April 05, 2007

Hours of Work for Sheer Seconds of Pleasure

Assembling a giant chessboard is neither quick nor easy. It is frustrating, hurts your fingers and takes well over an hour, even with four of you working on it. It takes longer to put together than to play an actual game of chess.

The manufacturers of the Giant Chess Game are sadistic bastards.

The public better bloody well play with it now.


cogidubnus said...

You could've advertised "the new Easter experience...Good Friday is Giant Game assembly day, we start you off with a screwdriver and there'll be a small prize for the best completed effort..."

Now why didn't you think of that (beats easter bunnies, damson picking, hedgehog stunts and all that stuff).

Hey... new for local fundraising groups... sponsored bat poo picking - see the ideas are really flowing today!

Geoff said...

Does it come with giant 'Kenny Everett' hands to move the pieces about?

Carmen said...

I shall look forward to the press photos - all four of you grinning inanely at a pawn, whilst brandishing screwdrivers in sticking plaster-covered hands, presumably...?

stitchwort said...

But the porn was in the bunny item.

Doris said...

Cogi - you know I'm not allowed to arm the public with sharp implements like screwdrivers!

Geoff - my hands were getting that way, throbbing cartoon-style by the end of it all.

Carmen - hello! Yes, I can see you are familiar with our format for press photgraphy.

Stitchwort - *groan*