Monday, April 16, 2007

A Grumble

I was covering for my Visitor Reception Assistant, on the desk in the ticket office. The sun was shining brightly and everyone had a smile. Everyone, that is, except the woman now standing before me.

"Hello!" I said.

"You don't have any shady parking areas for people with dogs."

I looked over her shoulder at the car park. It's just a big field, really.

"No," I conceded, "but it's a new car park and we have planted lots of trees, so in a few years there'll be more shady areas."

She gave me a look and "Hmmm"ed at me.

"I can't make them grow any faster," I assured her. "But in the meantime why not bring the dog with you? We allow dogs on leads in the grounds."

Honestly, who brings dogs out with them for the day just to leave in the car anyway?


Boz said... it Mildred?

Okay. I'll let it go now Doris.

cogidubnus said...

Lend me the use of a JCB for five minutes and I'll excavate a special area for those who wish to leave their dogs in the car on a warm day...(for the customers, please note, NOT their cars).

Doris said...

It all seems particularly odd to me, seeing as though we have no objections to dogs in the gounds, on leads, anyway. So they don't have to be left in the car in the first place.

Sometimes people just want to grind their axe regardless.

Ria said...

Last weekend sun was shining it was in its 20's , my family and i went to the park only to find some dogs in the car (windows a little open to be fair), in the carpark!! :S Like you said who brings dogs out with them for a day and leave them in the car?

Doris said...

Hello Ria! I know, it confuses me why people don't think the dogs would be more comfortable in a nice shady house, with access to water, rather than left in the car. Sigh.