Sunday, January 14, 2007

Ramblus Interruptus

Upon returning home after a sojourn off the estate it is not unusual to find people near the locked gates, a subject I have discussed before.

They tend to fall into three main categories:

1. Those who have walked down to the gates, seen the closed signs and are about to walk back up again.

2. Those who loiter, hopeful that as you unlock and enter the gates they might enter also.

3. Those who are about to climb over the gates for an illicit free visit (or those who have just done so).

The walkers next to the gates today were particularly funny, as they fell into the “just about to climb over” category.

The amusement factor came from the chap who was in the process of lifting his dog up over the gate. Upon noticing our arrival behind them, the subsequent turning of that movement into a nonchalant, "I-wasn’t-really-in-the-process-of-lifting-this-dog-over-your-gate, this-is just-the-time-of-day-I-do-a-bit-of-dog-lifting, wheeeeee-he-likes-it!" gesture is a joy to behold.


surly girl said...


cogidubnus said...

I think they were about to go searching for either the snailkeeper or the diaphonously clad wood-nymph...did you not ask them which or were the wellies a giveaway?

Anonymous said...

Compulsory consumption of left-over mince pies inflicted on the miscreants?

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm ... were they engaged in this "dogging" thing I keep reading about?

Doris said...

I completely failed to ask them for an explaination of their activities, I was so caught up in the humour of the moment. I must make the effort next time. It can only enhance the experience.