Monday, January 08, 2007

Oh Happy Day

It is 8.50am when I look out of the window and see a white van approaching. Not just any white van, either. No, this one has what looks to me to be a very long ladder attached to its roof rack.

With a little whoop of joy I race downstairs and get to the door a nanosecond after the doorbell rings. "Hello," smiles the nice young chap at my door, "I've come to fix your guttering."

We walk round to the side of the house, so I can point at the leaky bit. He unshoulders the ladder, extends and places it against the wall. "Do you need me to the foot the ladder?" I ask, aware he is on his own and very high up. He declines my kind offer. I decide to give him some advice, in order to fulfil my health and safety obligations. "If you do fall, try to roll with it." (This is a variation on my other health and safety briefing, "careful now!")

The job is completed impressively quickly and water now flows through the gutter rather than through my wall. The CDs can move back to their rightful place. Now, how long will it take to get the big damp stain painted over, I wonder?


cogidubnus said...

Now that leftover Christmas double cream...right? if you rub that into the stain not only does it lighten the marks, but in three months time you get this lovely natural lichen pattern...

Anonymous said...

Good H & S advice is "if you fall, try not to land on me".

And the best of luck with the damp stain - bet that won't be a high priority.

Doris said...

Cogidubnus - can I then use the lichen pattern in pyschological tests?

Stitchwort - excellent H&S advice, but I fear most recipients would subconsciously disregard it and opt for a soft landing.