Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Doris' Creature Workshop

On a budget of £0.00 I have created a Fairy and Ogre event! Yes, if you enjoyed the Nursery Rhyme walk you'll love the magical world I have conjured up for our Fairytale Trail.

Witness my impressive troll, fashioned from just a green balloon and a mask, hidden in a tree, at great personal discomfort and risk of falling in the moat, by me!

A fairy in the flowerbed. There are rather a lot of these dotted around the gardens and orchards. The gardener will be finding them for months. I just printed and laminated a bag full and hid them in trees and under bushes. I did not keep a record of how many I produced or where I put them.

Of course, the first thing a visiting child asked me was "How many fairies are there to find?"

I waxed lyrical on the nature of fairies. They come and go as they please. Could be seven, could be seventy.

"You don't know, do you?"


There was some concern, after my fairy frenzy, that there was nothing for the boys to spot, hence the boglin, situated, appropriately enough, in the wall outside the bogs. He has since vanished without trace, so I suspect he may have been nicked. This stands to reason, since he was the one of the few pieces of quality kit I had.

We also installed the Troll Feet and, bizarrely enough , a crocodile under the bridge.

And after all that effort, it bucketed down with rain, and the marquee was crammed with small children in bedraggled fairy wings making magic wands and getting covered in glue and glitter.



Boz said...

I have a Boglin! I refuse to let him be thrown away!

I am nearly twenty eight.

Anonymous said...

I have YOUR Boglin and I'm nearly 47.

stitchwort said...

Those things - troll, boglin, fairy - are enough to give sensitive children nightmares. Then you might get sued.

Or perhaps you don't get sensitive children, only the sort who think your troll is just like Auntie Chantelle.

Reg Pither said...

You are truly very talented - if a little disturbed.

Doris said...

Boz - I knew there was a reason I liked you!

Anonymous - will I start receiving postcards from him from around the globe, or is he to appear in a shakily filmed hostage video?

Stitchwort - if our volunteers don't give them nightmares, nothing will. Sensitive children don't make it out of the car park, as a rule.

Reg - you better believe it!

Miss Despina said...

This is wonderful Doris, if I wasn't in Prague I would be borrowing small children so I could have an excuse to come on the trail myself!
Don't expect photos of Boglin from Prague, it wasn't me :)