Monday, June 25, 2007

Happy Feet

McColleague and I went shopping for arts and crafts items for our next big event.

We had a fairytale theme so were delighted when we spotted some stone feet stepping stones in the gardening department of Woolworths.

"They'd be perfect as troll footprints under the bridge!" we exclaimed. "We'd be crazy not to buy them!"

Once we got them back to the office we unwrapped them and decided we needed Lovely Warden to help install them properly outside. We decided to text him a picture to illustrate our request. McColleague and I giggled just as much over our handiwork (footwork?) here as we did over our halloween exhibit or the nuts incident. Is this childish?


Anonymous said...


Keep it up.

cogidubnus said...

Being fundamentally pagan creatures, (and having very bad breath besides), I don't think trolls do the missionary position...

What could anonymous have possibly meant by "keep it up" though???

tea and cake said...

Yes, do keep it up! Very funny *giggles* I'd have done the same thing.

stitchwort said...

Childish? Children wouldn't even know what you meant.

Oh, now I remember the last bedtime story the grandchildren chose for me to read to them - extremely clear, and it did include the missionary position - though not the "standing in a hammock" one.

Boz said...

Absolutely - Carry On Stately Homing!

Although I can only imagine the world-weary expression on Lovely warden's face when he got that text message.

Doris said...

Anon - Thought so. I keep it up as long as I can.

Cogidubnus - I'm not sure, I think Trolls may be immune to each other's breath.

Tea and Cake - I'm glad it's not just me, then!

Stitchwort - the mind boggles!

Boz - poor Lovely Warden, he is very long suffering.