Sunday, June 10, 2007

What's Going On Today Then?

I have mentioned this phenomenon before.

This weekend was no exception. My volunteers arrived, approaching the house through the myriad tents of the encampment which had sprung up in the orchards, the scent of woodsmoke lingering in their hair. People in costume went about their business, the blacksmith at his anvil, the women tending the cooking pots, soldiers practicing their swordplay.

Without fail, every volunteer was perplexed. "Hello Doris," they cried, eyes roving over the medieval scene before them. "What's going on today then?"

I smiled through gritted teeth, biting back my preferred response of "It's an Easter Egg Trail, what does it look like?" and gently pointed out that it was our 15th Century Weekend, as written on the wall chart and in the diary, in capital letters, with highlighter pen all over it, just above where they had written their own names directly beneath.

I have learned that it is completely pointless relying on them to spread the word about the exciting events we hold here as they are continually amazed that anything happens at all. Given the blanket coverage I already provide I am not quite sure how else to get them to take in such information. All I know is my face aches with patient smiling and I need another drink.


stitchwort said...

A possible reply to their query was provided in the suggestion box by Gaylord.
But their question is probably really meaning "I know what they are doing, what do I do?

monica said...

sounds like much fun and games

Reg Pither said...

No, go on, seriously, where was the Easter egg? Was it under that bloke's hat? I bet it was. Tell me I'm right. Tell me, tell me, tell me!

mutley said...

Once a King, always a King, but surely once a Knight would have been more than enough?

Are they in codpieces or were they just very pleased to meet you? (heh heh heh)

cogidubnus said...

Don't you just love his vambrace and poleyn ducky?

Doris said...

Stitchwort - you have a point. I think it is more a case of having to say something, no matter how inane, for some odd reason.

Monica - oh, it was, it was!

Reg - I can't just tell you , that would take the fun out of the hunt!

Mutley - it's just the way they hold their staff.

Cogidubnus - can't get enough of 'em!