Monday, June 04, 2007

The Hole

I picked up an answer phone message from the gardener.

"We discovered a collapsed drain while we were mowing," he said. "We've cordoned it off but you might want to get it checked out."

I went outside to locate the hole for myself. It was easy to spot.

Nice barrier work, I thought. Mind you, the hole itself is somewhat bigger and deeper than I imagined. I have concerns it may extend beneath the surface for quite a way and I could need a bigger cordoned off area. Otherwise there is a possibility some visitors may be lost to the underworld. On the plus side, McColleague and I may be able to wear our helmets and lamps again!


cogidubnus said...

You're quite sure it's not the giant rabbits attempting a novel escape from the Visitor Services Manager and her land rover?

Looks like a serious hole...ah...yet another use for those left-over mince pies? Or Christmas Cake... (one of ours turned up in a cake tin in the back of our larder last week - in as good a state as ever - which isn't saying much...)

I love the roll of chicken wire left casually at one end of the barrier...does this gardener of yours know how much the stuff costs?...and how much I could extend my duck run with a roll like that???

Anonymous said...

You did your job. They told you there was a hole. You looked into it.

Well done.

Reg Pither said...

Why not include it at the end of the nursery rhyme kiddies' trail? Just label it "Moley's home" - that should get rid of the little bastards for a few hours, at least until the cave rescue team arrives!

Doris said...

Cogidubnus - I suppose the gardener reckons his wire will be safe here, given my security conscious ways and many locked gates.

Anonymous - badaboom-tish! Like it.

Reg - excellent plan! I must paint a terrible garish board to lure them in.

stitchwort said...

Could be another great attraction - unless the drain that has collapsed is the one carrying away the effluent from your house.....

Doris said...

Stitchwort - ew, there's a thought. I haven't yet investigated it in depth, though I haven't detected any telltale odours or swarms of flies so far... Good rambler trap though!