Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Expanding Hole

A builder chap came to investigate the hole in the ground.

McColleague reported his findings back to me.

"He says yes, it's big, yes, it's deep, yes it's quite dangerous."

"Right you are," I said.

"Lovely Warden is going to mow an alternative path through the orchards and we'll cordon off that entire corner with hazard tape."

McColleague headed back out, while I said a quick hello to the incoming staff and volunteers, before joining her at the cavern's edge.

She was holding a red and white tattered bundle of shredded plastic in both arms.

"Well, we're off to a good start," she said. "Lovely Warden just ran over the roll of hazard tape with the lawnmower."

We laughed. After all, it wasn't our hazard tape, it was part of the warden's kit.

Eventually we managed to tie enough various shredded pieces of tape together to cordon off the danger area. The builder chap will return tomorrow with a digger. Annoyingly, I'll miss this as I have to go to a meeting at Regional Office for the day. On the plus side, when I return, there is sure to be a big trench across the path, possibly with ramblers in it.


Reg Pither said...

Aren't builders fantastic? They truly are highly trained professionals? You, or your bosses, pay an arm and a leg for some sweaty Mick oaf in Wellingtons and a donkey jacket, from O'Shea and O'Shea or some such firm, to come round and give an expert opinion on the problem and, after much musing, they reveal the results of their in-depth, expert examination - "Yes, it's big, yes, it's deep, yes, it's quite dangerous."
I bet, when he returns, he astounds you with another piece of genius like "I think we're going to have to fill it in." Don't ask him where he's going to get the earth from to do that. He'll only say "That's simple, we'll dig another hole over here and use the earth from that".

Doris said...

Reg - funny you should say that....