Monday, July 02, 2007

Who's That Man?

A very pleasant couple were leaving, heading back to the car park via the Ticket Office.

"Did you enjoy your visit?"

"Oh yes, yes thank you."

"Oh, good."

"Can I just ask - who was that man, outside the house?"

"You mean our volunteer? Why, what did he say?"

"Yes, well, when we walked up to the front door he asked us 'Have you been to this dump before?'"

"Ah yes. That would be Dick. He's a character."

I like Dick, he's funny. He has a habit of saying things that people are quite sure he couldn't possibly have said. It brightens up a rainy afternoon.


Reg Pither said...

Yes, but getting his bits out and waving them at the passing children as well takes "character" beyond the realms of rural eccentricity and into court.
Besides, you want to hear what he says about you!

stitchwort said...

Dick sounds like the man to liven up your Nursery Rhyme Trail.

Ginny said...

I kept the Nursery Rhyme Trail "marked as new" in my reader, just because I liked revisiting it over and over again, hoping that the horror would abate somewhat with every visit. It didn't, but that didn't stop me.

You'll tart it up for Halloween, won't you? Think of the enjoyable carnage and jolly screams of laughter you'll give the little kiddies.

How are Dick's skills with hammer, nail, and chainsaw?

By the way, you're being tagged for a meme called "8 things" or "8 random things about me." I've never participated in one before so I thought I'd spread the misery around a little. Follow this link to my blog for the rules, and feel free to break them!

P.S. Never mind my Blogger one, that's just for commenting and the occasional photo.

Doris said...

Reg - you are getting Dick confused with Dirty Bert, who doesn't actually work here, we just haven't the heart to evict him from the skip.

Stichwort - he does indeed.

Ginny - I am so pleased the novelty of the Nursery Rhyme Trail has yet to wear off. Yes, it does rather beg for a Halloween makeover. Ooh, and I have finally been electronically tagged! Had to happen one day.

Will said...

From Saxondale:

Mags: "You're a bit of a dick sometimes aren't you?"
Saxondale [profoundly]: "We're all a bit of a dick. [sighs] It's the human condition."