Wednesday, May 09, 2007

A Reply

I received a reply to the email I sent to the headmaster of the local comprehensive school, following the Unpleasant Incident of last week.

Dear Ms Sparrow

Thank you for your email which was passed to me on Tuesday 7 May.

I share your sense of frustration and disappointment at the way in which a small minority of our students have failed to conduct themselves in keeping with the expectations of the school. The whole situation as you describe it is unacceptable.

The role of the teacher in charge of the situation is clear. If students misbehave in such a way they should have automatically forfeited their place at and been brought back into school.

I will share your email and my reply with the teacher concerned. It may be because the teacher concerned is a supply member of staff and that he is uncertain as to the action he is empowered to take in such a situation. Both the Deputy Head and I will make it perfectly clear as to the action the school believes is appropriate.

I will also share my reply with the Property Manager, . My view is that these particular students should not be allowed to come to again.

I hope you will appreciate that the school completely supports you in this matter and that you accept my personal apologies for what has happened. IT is disgraceful and there is no excuse for this type of behaviour.

I also hope that you will understand that this small group of students are not representative of the student body as a whole and any further groups working at will conduct themselves very differently.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if there are any future difficulties with our students, as action will be swift and decisive.

Yours sincerely


I am impressed, my faith is restored, and all is right with the world.


Reg Pither said...

Yeah, but I bet he only wrote that because 5A were holding him hostage in the chemistry lab and threatening to cut off his pension!

Boz said...

And to be hoenst the apology is lost in among the platitudes - it should be right up front at the top of the letter.

But I'm being very stingy - hooray!!

stitchwort said...

If it happens again, how about shoving the offender into the moat, and inviting visitors to throw cowpats at him/her.
Better for your blood pressure.

cogidubnus said...

"My view is that these particular students should not be allowed to come to again."

I'm afraid my view is totally different - these particular students, together with firm and competent teacher supervision, should be compelled to come again to provide labour for any particular little projects (like stream clearance, litter collection, border digging etc) that you or the warden might hold dear...

As boz indicates, all the rest is a cop-out...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but were they bovvered?

Doris said...

Blimey, I wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of you lot! You are *stern*.

I'm just a great big love badger, and am very quickly won over with an apology. I can't bear disputes to drag on.

cogidubnus said...

Oh Mrs Brock...(sigh)...