Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Bank Holiday Stake-Out

Hundreds and hundreds of visitors came to the house on Monday.

Which is great, the people who tot up the figures will be pleased.

It's not too hard for me, as I am busy working, so don't expect any alone time anyway. It is more difficult for my family, who have to share their home with hundreds of other people every weekend and Bank Holiday. They're very good about it, and are accustomed to having volunteers tapping at the kitchen door, needing more milk or trying to track me down if I've selfishly popped home for two minutes to go to the toilet or something. And it's probably just as well the weather was too wet to sit out in the garden. If you do, you will find yourself becoming one of the attractions. Looking out of my kitchen window I saw a line of people, just gazing over the garden fence into the back garden.

They are understandably curious as to who lives there, and why it says "Private" on the gatepost. Which is a bit of a misnomer, as the one thing I cannot have here is privacy. I feel a strong affinity with zoo animals now. There's a reason why chimps behave as they do, you know.


Anonymous said...

The last time I saw some chimps at the zoo, one of them was doing something unspeakable. By himself. You don't do that sort of thing, I hope.

Garry said...

They remind me of the kids next door. Every time I go out into the garden, they come and stare at me with the blank look that seems to go with too many packets of quavers and television.

stitchwort said...

Mildred wasn't sunbathing topless, was she?

cogidubnus said...

Promise me you weren't wearing the bunny suit again...(oh that scut!)... or wobbling... or jiggling... or being a naturist... or at least not without tipping us off first anyhow?

Pardon me while I go for another cold shower...

Doris said...

Anonymous - what a woman chooses to do in the "privacy" of her own back lawn, is her own affair.

Garry - you are obviously too shiny and colourful while outside, thereby attracting their gaze as surely as if you'd switched on the TV and games console.

Stitchwort - Mildred better not have been, I've told her how it effects the wildlife.

Cogidubnus - see my answer to Anonymous, above.