Saturday, May 26, 2007


Due to the aesthetic restrictions of living in this picture perfect house, I can't put my satellite dish up outside. It ruins the medieval atmos, apparently.

I have to hide the dish in an attic space and point it at the open window. This means that sometimes the reception isn't as brilliant as it should be. It's a great deal better than a bog standard TV aerial, but I still find myself watching wildly pixellated, staccato versions of well known films on the movie channels with depressing regularity.

Clouds. That's what causes it, apparently.

You bastard clouds, let me watch my telly box in non intermittent splendour!

(Shakes fist heavenwards and refills wine glass)


Geoff said...

You need an ACME Cloud Disipator.

cogidubnus said...

I wandered lonely as a Satellite TV Pixellator...nope...somehow it's just not the same...

Doris said...

I have learned how to reset the box now, which helps.