Saturday, May 12, 2007

Rainy Days and Biscuits

"Ah, Doris!"


"I noticed there were some broken biscuits in the tin, so I took the liberty of feeding them to the ducks. They seemed to appreciate it. I hope you don't mind?"

"No, no, that's fine."

Later on I cleared away the dirty cups and plates from the volunteer's corner, and lifted the biscuit tin to wipe away the tea stains and crumbs from beneath. It was suspiciously light. I lifted the lid and peered inside.

Two sodding biscuits. That's all he'd left me. Two.

"I would have eaten the broken biscuits," wailed my daughter, upon this discovery.

"It's this wet weather," I explained. "It sends them all mad."


Boz said...

"Fed them to the ducks". Snort. A likely story...

cogidubnus said...

You and your volunteer just wouldn't know HOW bad those biccies are for the poor old ducks...

Ours get chopped tomatoes or grated carrot (in moderate quantities) for those special treats...never bread and especially never biscuits.

Still it could be could be those sodding leftover mince pies I suppose...

and don't even go there with a road vehicle!

Reg Pither said...

But surely roast duck is better than biscuits - nicely fattened duck, as well. Yum!