Monday, May 28, 2007


Earlier this year I sent out a letter to all the local craftspeople on my database. In it I gave the price for reserving a stall at the May Craft Fair, and explained that this fee was for the pitch itself, which included a standard sized trestle table, based in a marquee in the grounds.

One craftsperson returned their form, asking if they could have their table against a wall, preferably in a corner of the marquee, as they would be displaying handmade cushions and didn't want them to fall off the table.

I duly allocated tables according to specified requirements and reserved one, in the corner, and moved it as close to the side of the marquee as possible.

The lady in question arrived, looked at it, and went ballistic. It wasn't enough room, it was all wrong, wrong, wrong.

"I'm a serious marketeer!" she exclaimed.


And she flounced off, taking her cushions with her.


cogidubnus said...

As well then that she wasn't selling handmade curtains too, else she could have cushioned away taking her flounces with her...(sorry, just one of those whimsical passing thoughts)

Robert Swipe said...

Thanks Doris for your ever-so-kind words.

I'm glad finally to be serving a useful purpose in this life...(;?)

L.U.V. on ya,


Doris said...

Cogidubnus - I think she'd just had the stuffing knocked out of her....

Bob - you are always welcome.