Friday, February 09, 2007

Snow Day! Snow Day!

This is the view from my bedroom window upon waking yesterday. It was a wonderful moment of fulfilled expectations. I'd have been mightily naffed off to find no snow after the panic buying of the day before.

Even though I have no real excuse not to go into the office, seeing as though I don't have to leave the house to get to it, I still get to enjoy time out since nobody else has made it into work. I have donned my special hat, my gloves, my boots, my coat and spent as much of the past two days as possible outside. The dog has been happier than ever, bouncing around excitedly and eating snow.

The cows are safely ensconced in the sheds, their desire to escape somewhat reduced at present. The farmer arrives on a quad bike each morning and tends to them, so they are quite content to stay where they are at the moment.

The sound of breaking branches keeps reaching my ears. Those brittle damson trees are cracking under the strain of the snow. None of them have fallen on any ramblers, however. Yes, despite the four inches of snow and the impassability of the track, we have still had people climbing over the gate and interrupting our snow fun. I should have spent my time building some kind of fort and stockpiling snowballs, thinking about it.

The ducks, meanwhile, are forced to congregate together in the one part of the moat that isn't frozen. Fortunately they know there is grain to be had from our woodshed, and arrive, noisily, at dusk to demand feeding. Much like me, really.


cogidubnus said...

If I take you literally and you arrive noisily at dusk, am I supposed to feed you before, during or after? And do you really have a shed fetish? I grow worried...

monica said...

It looks quite quite beautiful, Doris... rather more romantic than here, with brown slush on the roads and sad stranded snowman with shrinking heads (beware all thinking of visiting wiltshire).