Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Further Adventures of Little Brown Calf and Chums

Little Brown Calf has formed a gang of four. They really should be in the cow sheds. That's where they started the day, anyway.

My presence was tolerated while I took a few pictures of them enjoying the long grass of the orchard, then I got a tad too close and they kicked up their heels and took off up the road, towards the main gates. Fortunately I'd just closed them, so they couldn't make it onto the main road.

Moments later the farmer arrived so was able to chase them back down to the sheds again. He called in, with my beef box. I know, I know, those calves are so adorable and here I am happily stashing the body parts of their shedmates into the freezer, but, in my defence, they really do taste as good as they look. And I can vouch for their free ranging, happy life.


cogidubnus said...

I think it is disturbing that this gang of delinquents, (or "Bovril Boys" as I believe they are now called), are permitted to hang around our roads causing such stress and mayhem to those around them.

Clearly they ought to be deterred by the use of ASBOs (Anti Social Bovine Orders).

Eating their relatives should, however, be regarded as an unusually cruel and inappropriate punishment and you may expect a summons forthwith from the European Court of Bovine Rights...

Will said...

Yeah, unlike all those poor turkeys.

Ooh, topical.

Boz said...

I thought I was the only one who had Further Adventures.

But if it means I end up in your freezer, then really it's okay.

Doris said...

Cogidubnus, my eating cows is neither cruel nor unusual, though my cooking may be classified as such.

Will - indeed, yes.

Boz - yes, I did think of you as I typed that title, but it was the only one that seemed to fit. And not all those who have further adventures end up in my freezer!