Saturday, February 03, 2007

Creatures of the Night

I am frequently asked whether the house is haunted. Some of the previous occupants firmly believe that spirits reside within these timbered walls and tell tales of nocturnal disturbances. There is one oft-told story of a ghost getting into bed with my predecessor.

I have not encountered any such happenings since my arrival in the house three years ago. And, to be fair, it is unlikely any wandering spirit would find room in my bed. What with the cats, my husband, and my good self, there is barely a square inch of unoccupied duvet up for grabs.

Mind you, I daresay a ghost would be less likely to leave small mammallian body parts, hairballs, or semi-digested cat crunchies on my duvet, so maybe I've got the bum deal after all.

EDIT: I hasten to add my husband is not responsible for leaving any of the above listed items on my duvet. I was referring to the cats. Although ghosts probably wouldn't leave wet bath towels on my side of the bed either.


Gentleman-hobbs said...

We only have 2 but they sleep on us too.

Boz said...

Cor. Cats are brilliant, aren't they. They can just look soooo confortable, sooo easily.

stitchwort said...

My late cat always wanted his half in the middle of the bed, plus at least one pillow. And he always left grit and fur all over. I miss him.
(We still have DH's cat, with whom I have never had the same sort of relationship.)

Doris said...

Cats are such hedonists. I can't help but admire their singleminded pursuit of comfort and pleasure.

cogidubnus said...

Many years ago I once awoke suddenly to find one of our more senile cats pissing on my head (but you didn't want to know that did you?)

It says much for the nature of the beast that not only did said cat live on many years, but that we still have six today, who seem to take it in turn sleeping with us on (and sometimes in) the feather bed...didn't John Denver once...?