Thursday, December 28, 2006

Post Christmas Boredom

There are 12 things by Christmas that this place gave to me:

12 cows escaping

11 mince pie mountains

10 ducks debauching

9 bad pics published

8 days of drinking

7 ramblers daily

6 vats of cheap red

5 full bins

4 falling trees

3 dead sheep

2 destroyed marquees

And a cat who got stuck up a tree


cogidubnus said...

As the six vats of cheap red were followed by eight days of drinking, I'd guess that problem resolved itself then...but I'm puzzled over the ducks debauching - (mine didn't - they didn't lay much either - but as they're in moult it may be that...) you know I've already solved the EU Mince Pie Mountain problem...Happy New Year!

Doris said...

Oh, my ducks are always debauching. They rarely stop. It must be whatever's in the water.