Wednesday, November 29, 2006

O Tannenbaum

When I left this morning, there was a beautiful Christmas tree, a good 18 foot tall fir tree, being erected in the courtyard. Lovely.

When I returned this afternoon it looked like the local pound shop had exploded and the tree had caught all the crappiest tinsel and baubles in its branches.

McColleague and I will have to put it right tomorrow. Or hope for strong winds overnight.


Boz said...

Had it been the subject of a Volunteer 'decorate and run'?

Anonymous said...

Before and after pics, perhaps?

Doris said...

Boz - no, for once this was not a volunteer-related incident! This, I suspect, was a combination of Wardens and my Boss.

Anonymous - I would, but I fear such pics would giveaway my top secret location.