Thursday, October 25, 2007

Halloween Happenings

Here you see McColleague hard at work, making final adjustments to our Grim Reaper mannequin. We had decided he was a tad over-stuffed for someone skeletal, so she is removing some bubble wrap. It was a pose that begged to be recorded for posterity.

Our hanging creations are complete, and now in place in the trees. They have proved hugely popular with visiting children, and I have spotted many having their picture taken with our various creatures. We call this one Spike.
This is Swampy.
This is Grunt.
This is Yvonne.
And this is the Bad Bishop.

I have since received a comment card. It reads:

"My husband and I enjoyed the tea room and the house but we felt that as practising Christians the witches and corpses depicting Halloween weren't quite what we were expecting!"

I have many thoughts on this point of view, but the one I shall leave you with is that it's still a lot less scary than the Nursery Rhyme Walk.


Anonymous said...

My first thought was "As a practising devil worshipper I thought that finding Christians around the place during the run-up to our holiest time wasn't quite what I was expecting."

My second was "OMG! Doris has pumpkins!"

stitchwort said...

It was a pagan festival before the Christians took it over, as were Yule and Easter.

And that Grim Reaper is quite astonishing.

Doris said...

Anonymous - yes, I have a plethora of pumpkins!

Stitchwort - Quite so. And yes, he is a triumph!

Betty said...

The Grim Reaper seems to be suffering from rigor mortis.

Reg Pither said...

To Whom It May Concern,

As a practicing corpse who is married to a witch, I was shocked to discover Christians visiting your attraction.

Mr G Reaper,

Malc said...

People who describe themselves as 'practising Christians' rare expect anything, let alone fun.

cogidubnus said...

If they're only practising christians, when do they qualify? Perhaps they should be told they're just asking for a visitation from someone who speaks in capial letters?

Now, as an adherent of the mighty god Om, I deplore the fact that you do not display images of the holy tortoise...

The Birdwatcher said...

I think I know Yvonne!

monica said...

some people .. *shakes head*

Grim Reaper looks suspisiously smug at such handling

Robert Swipe said...

'I think I know Yvonne!'

Would either you, Birdwatcher, or Doris be able to supply a phone number, perhaps?

Tell Yvonne I scrub up quite well, really (if she's not too particular about callipers, obviously...)


p.s. I'm reminded by your 'good Christians' of P.J. O'Rourke's visit to Heritage USA, the Christian fundamentalist theme park. He went there filled with scepticism, but came away converted; to Satanism...

Doris said...

Bob - Yvonne is up for some tandem broomstick action all right. She doesn't mind the callipers if you don't mind the warts.

Robert Swipe said...

Excellent news Doris! I shall be buying a pair of wart-ridden callipers post haste!