Thursday, October 18, 2007

Bonus Features!

Yes, much like those fascinating bonus features on DVDs, giving you insights into the special effects and creative processes involved in a major film production, I am delighted to give you a peek behind the scenes in our Halloween Creature Workshop!

It's hard to credit, I know, but our extensive props are not bought in at great expense from professional events companies.

No, believe it or not, we make our creatures ourselves!

Behold, a monster in the making! It looks, at first glance, to be a couple of rubber eyeballs nailed to a piece of wood. OK, while it is a couple of rubber eyeballs nailed to a piece of wood, once we add a mask and a bit of a body it will be transformed into an amazing creature of the night, to delight and terrify!
See? Here's one I prepared earlier. Isn't that incredible? Personally, I find there is no better way of assessing how effective your finished creature will be than to dress it up in a bit of muslin and put it on a sit and ride lawnmower in the courtyard.


Anonymous said...

Mother? Is that you?

The Birdwatcher said...

looks like a modern day grim reaper. Traded in scythe for Ride on lawn mower with nasty looking sharp thing on the front.

Reg Pither said...

You are a very talented artist.

Boz said...

It's brilliant!!

Although I did also quite like it when it was in full-on Pepperami it's-a-bit-of-an-animal mode.

Maybe you should just nail up glow in the dark eyes to selected trees in the woods. OOoooOOOooo.

Doris said...

Anonymous - I think I may have visited your motel at some point.

The Birdwatcher - that is a very good point. I shall pretend that's what I intended all along, in a postmodernist ironic fashion!

Reg - thank you kindly (though I did have help from my creative team - McColleague and Lovely Warden).

Boz - yes, I was rather fond of the Peperami/Beaker from the Muppets look, too. The Trees Have Eyes - it could work!

Will said...

Does muslin still exist? I've only encountered it in Jane Austen novels so far.