Friday, August 17, 2007

The Maize Maze

Some of you may recall my scepticism regarding the maze ever being open before the end of the season. And the Rabid Badger theme.

However, the recent bout of sunshine after the rains has given the maize a much needed growth spurt and earlier this week my Boss decided the time had come to make the maze.

This, as predicted, involved he and Lovely Warden disappearing into the field of maize armed only with some string and a strimmer. After a couple of hours they re-emerged, caked in mud.
"Does it look like a badger?" I asked.
"Well, we simplified the design a bit."
McColleague and I had some concerns, so decided to test the maze ourselves before sending unwitting members of the public into it.
Note the badger motif (no longer rabid, thankfully).
There is a quiz sheet to go with the maze, with badger related things to spot en route. McColleague was in charge of that and duly ticked things off as we trudged along.
"I'm bored now," she said, some time later.
"What time did we come into the maze?" I asked.
We worked out we'd been at it for about 10 minutes.
Twenty minutes later we had reached the "Finish" sign.
"Well, that wasn't worth £2," opined McColleague.
I think I'll just put out a donation tin.


cogidubnus said...

Of course, one of the dangers of this is demonstrated by:

(hope it fits)...also I trust lovely warden and friendly farmer have been warned of the health and safety hazard, and an appropriate risk assessment made...

Boz said...

Somehow a dead badger nailed to a wooden stump seems more appropriate as the epicentre. It would probably be called... Maisie..?

Miss D said...

Are you a radio 4 fan Doris? If so, you may remember a programme called The Museum of Everything from about 4 years ago, where there were adverts for a theme park called "Badgerland!"
Kiss my badger - Despina

Doris said...

Cogidubnus - of course, we have risk assessments for completing risk assessments you know.

Boz - how very League of Gentlemen-like....and "Maisie"? *Groan*.

Miss D - Badgerland sounds like my kinda place! Mwah (kisses badger)