Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Directory Enquiries

The phone rings.

"Good morning. Could you tell me, are you open today?"

"Yes we are. The house opens at 12 noon and last admission is at 4.30."

"Oh, thank you. You really should have a word with your organisation, there's nothing about your place in the book. "

"I'm sure we are in the handbook."

"Well I couldn't find you."

"Hang on, I'm just checking in my copy. Yes, here we are."


"In the section for the Midlands. Page 244."

"No, you're not there."

"Page 244? Are you on page 244?"

"It's Hadrian's Wall on page 244."

"Which book are you looking in? It is the 2008 version isn't it?"

"Yes! 2008/2009 English Heritage!"

"Ah. We're not English Heritage."



stitchwort said...

"meandering walks" and "fascinating sculptures" - that's the Nursery Rhyme Trail and Lovely Warden's bird hide, eh?

Boz said...

Polite caller though, hey?

Touch one competing with Hadrian's wall though..

cogidubnus said...

You OK Doris? Long time no hear...