Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Praise Be!

It's happened again!

Another miracle!

I've been feeling rather below par. I haven't slept properly in weeks, due to a bout of sciatica that has me waking up with my hip singing Ave Maria every night when I try to turn over in bed.

Driving is painful, so McColleague had kindly offered to drive me into town for the day. I'd limped around the shops for a few hours and then sat in leg aching misery in the passenger seat for the journey home, wishing all the while that I could be cured of this affliction.

As we approached the house we passed the "Tree Felling" signs that indicated wardens at work in the woods. Sure enough, there they were, clearing away the felled trees that were currently blocking the road.

"We won't be long," they said.

We decided to wait in the sunshine and watch them at work. I clambered, painfully, out of the car when - behold! The Face of Jaysus, in a tree stump!

It can surely only be a matter of time, medication and intense physiotherapy before my miracle cure is complete!


Betty said...

It looks more like a smiling one eyed monkey to me. Am I looking at it from the wrong angle?

My sympathies regarding the sciatica. I've had it myself (luckily, only for a few days) and it is horrible. Keep taking the painkillers and top those up with regular shots of brandy.

Geoff said...

At least he bothered to smile this time.

cogidubnus said...

To sciatica and insomnia,sounds like you need to add astigmatism and insanity...anyone can see it's Pudsey Bear sans eyepatch!

Doris said...

Betty - I think we all see what we want to see. Still, try downing some chilled white wine and some loopy strength painkillers and you'll see it really is a heavenly visage.

Geoff - well, it was a sunny day, there were wardens with chainsaws, that's a lot to smile about.

Cogidubnus - ooh, me afflictions!

zak said...

That's a representation of that terrifying monkey-face luncheon meat that still appears in places like Netto. And the cosmic message is: eat more apocalyptically awful junk food and your pain will be HEALED

Boz said...

He does look rather happy, which is something I don't ever recall from my watered-down christianity teachings from my "well we'll call it C of E..." primary school.

Freddy said...

To my eyes, it's more hedgehog than monkey
Which would be a great blog title for someone

Will said...

Jesus reminds me of one of the chipmunks.

Doris said...

Zak - exactly, it is a metaphor for food for the soul, that's what it is.

Boz - happy and welcoming, that's the modern face of Jesus in tree stumps.

Freddy - that would be a great blog title. You should set one up immediately.

Will - it's to appeal to all the littl'uns too, you see.

tea and cake said...

I've been going to a chiropractor - who has been wonderful, doris. That and a hot water bottle when sitting in the car, and a mixture of prescribed strong painkillers, and a pillow under the knees, and life and sleep can be had. Poor, poor you, it is horrible isn't it? K xx