Monday, April 21, 2008


I walk with Z every day. At the moment it is particularly beneficial as I am suffering from a protracted bout of sciatica and the best thing to do is keep active. The only problem is I am not overly good at bending at the moment, or climbing over fences to rescue stray lambs.

The lamb was running up and down the fence, bleating piteously, unable to get back into the field where its mother was unconcernedly munching grass.

"You climb over," I said to my daughter, who fortuitously happened to be with me, "and I'll stay here and hold the dog. Grab the lamb, and just chuck it over the fence."

Could there be a simpler plan?

Or a harder one to actualise?

Mind you, I did get a lot of amusement from watching my daughter chasing the lamb up and down the fenceline. She even caught it at one point but it wriggled so violently she had to let it go again. "There's no way I'm going to get it over the fence," she panted.

I took my phone from my pocket and dialled.

"Hello? Lovely Warden? Are you nearby?"

Lovely Warden is good at chasing sheep. He is speedy and strong. If there were a One Man and His Lovely Warden competition, he'd be a contender.

"No worries," he assured me, "I'll be there shortly."

And he was. He stepped into the arena and eyed his target. It was all over in a blur of wool and tanned legs.

Lovely Warden 1, Lost Lamb 0

I might let the cows out on my next walk, just to see how he does with larger prey.


monica said...

There is something quite moving about the vision of a man with a lamb-in-arms - a great big mama cow might be a different matter!

Rusty said...

Here across the pond, we have competitions to catch greased pigs. Maybe the Lovely Warden should have a go at that sometime.

Doris said...

Monica - good point. Perhaps I'll start with the smaller calves...

Rusty - now that's something I, and I am sure many others, would pay good money to see!

Anonymous said...

I really do enjoy your updates. I pop in regularly from NZ to see how things are. Sorry about the sciatica, it's a miserable pain isn't it?


Doris said...

Nexus - thank you! I am so glad you enjoy my bulletins. Yes, the sciatica is driving me barmy - it's the lack of sleep that's the worst!

tea and cake said...

Hello doris, I too have the protracted sciatica, and it is miserable isn't it? You are doing the Best Thing though with the moving about.

Now then, these fantasies about Lovely Warden's legs! I don't blame you. I love Mr T's legs, as they are scrummy. Pity about the sciatica bit though .... can't do much about it! K xx

Boz said...

Please tell me Lovely Warden has a girly side as well?

cogidubnus said...

I just hope Lovely Warden doesn't have a sheepy side!

Doris said...

Tea and Cake - yes, it is miserable. The hardest part is the disrupted sleep. I shall take comfort in the pain free legs of others :)

Boz - um..... He has a collection of cuddly birds that produce birdsong when you squeeze them. Does that count?

Cogidubnus - I am sure I'd have spotted it by now!