Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Doris Ponders Going Legit


I can only apologise for my shameful neglect of this lovely little blog recently. Things have been happening. Work things, family things.

As some of you will recall, I got into a spot of bother earlier this year when an article I wrote about a forgetful coach party generated a complaint letter to Regional Office. Not wanting to give anyone any more sticks to hit me with I laid low for a while. Now I am pondering where to go from here.

My anonymity has always been as effective a disguise as Clark Kent's glasses or Undercover Elephant's eye mask. Those of you who wanted to know badly enough where I am based were able to trace me with a minimal amount of googling.

What I'd really like is to go legit. To post openly about where I am, what we are doing, the challenges we face and - ideally - get input and feedback from everyone as to what you think we ought to be doing, what you would like to see. It would take away the fear of discovery and - who knows? - maybe even become an effective marketing tool.

So, I am thinking of asking the Powers That Be whether they will bestow their blessings upon a blog I just happen to be thinking of writing.

E-engagement. That's the buzzword I shall be hanging it on.

What do you think?


Boz said...

How exciting!

If I knew which 'old place' you were at I would come and visit. Largely so I could spot all the various props involved in hilarious bits of Blogging in the past! And trip up Mildred (oh, that isn't going to help you, is it?).

But it would be really sad if we lost the 'your life' bit of the blog, which is a much deeper insight than could be offered on a visit. I really like the fact you can ant about how awful members of the public are sometimes - BECAUSE WE ARE!

Oh, widening participation is also another awesome buzz phrase.

The Birdwatcher said...

Stay under cover, albeit that they are a bit threadbare and see threw.

Geoff said...

Why not?

As long as you keep this blog going, too. Don't worry about frequency of posting.

cogidubnus said... one of those who guessed, I'd say to stay undercover...Out in the open you'd be so worried about saying anything juicy and worthwhile, you'd not really be you...

If, on the other hand, you feel you've already been penetrated (so to speak!) then why not abandon this blog, and start another, slightly better disguised?

Just a thought...

tea and cake said...

I would say don't do it. Keep this as Your Diary, where you can say what you like about whomsoever you like, or dislike.
But, do the other one if you wish, and They may even input some thing or other into you. You never know where it might lead!
And, Secret Diary of a Call Girl has now finished on the telly...

Reg Pither said...

I wouldn't if I were you. Having an idea? An idea management didn't think of first? Bad career move.

Comforting to know others have felt the rough end of a pinapple from you for having tracked you down, though. Was I first, was I, was I, huh, huh, huh?

stitchwort said...

Second vote for staying undercover.

If you want to write a public blog, do it separately, through a different blog-provider.

Doris said...

Thank you all for the votes both for and against going legit.

I shall ponder a while longer...