Thursday, November 29, 2007

Natural Materials

McColleague needed an implement with which to apply the floor polish so that it went on in a smooth, thin layer.

Lovely Warden suggested a paint roller.

"But it will knacker my back, having to kneel down to use that," she protested.

"I'll make a handle for it," he countered.

McColleague showed me the finished product today.

"Other properties get proper high tech conservation equipment," she said. "I get a big stick affixed to a paint roller."

"What did you expect from Lovely Warden?"

I was reminded of a classic Lovely Warden moment the week before. McColleague and I had been with him in the landrover, as we zipped about the estate making final preparations for our festive events. "I just need to get some more diesel," he announced as we pulled into the forestry yard. The storage tank is equipped with a meter and readings are to be noted before and after fuel is taken. Lovely Warden rummaged fruitlessly in the landrover for a pen and paper. There were bug collecting jars, magnifying glasses, CDs, chainsaws, rope, toolboxes, batteries, torches - everything imaginable, other than pens or paper.

In the end he found a small, flattish piece of wood and scratched the meter readings into it with a nail. "You are such a warden," I told him.


cogidubnus said...

Has he suggested tying dusters to everyone's feet yet, so as to remove surpus polish from/shine up the floors? If not he's far less resourceful than I'd have given him credit for...

That handle's not even yer actual broomstick with a whittled up end, is it? looks like a tree branch... same construction principles as the hide in fact...

What a star!

Betty said...

I was feeling very grumpy this morning (ahem, as per usual) but that picture has cheered me up no end. The roller now looks suitably rural.

Lovely Warden should've been around during World War 2, appearing on those Make Do And Mend films (you know the sort of thing - how to make cushion covers out of carrot peelings).

Reg Pither said...

I bet he can make box-girder bridges and irrigate the Sahara and make vast new areas cultivatable? Thanks Doris, that was great!

bittersweet me said...

his resourcefulness is most appealing in this day and age